Premiere December 17th at UT Connewitz

In coproduction with SWR and MDR the FZML developed a feature-length live radio play with 2 speakers and ensemble, that will consequently underline the richness of contemporary composing for that genre. The text LEIPZIGNOIR 1914 from the author Jan Decker artfully presents all conventional parts of a dramatic storyline. The storyboard centers round 4 young writers, who are revealing mysterious processes at Leipzig's fairground shortly before the outbreak of the First World War. A thrilling atmosphere around Freemasons is being established and offers a lot of inspiring moments for a composition process.


With Moritz Eggert, Annette Schlünz, Caspar de Gelmini und Fabian Russ the FZML has chosen 4 artists who are completely incomparable concerning their tonal language, their artistic attitude and their working process. Each one of them will deal with the text making use of a complete liberty concerning form and content in arrangement.


The 7 chosen instruments will move the audience back into the year 1914 which was full of musical and instrumental curiosities. Besides traditional instruments like oboe, trumpet and piano you can look forward to hear musical saw, nail violin, straw violin and heckelphon. The instrumentation is expanded by modern elements: also synthesizer, sampler and E-guitar can be used by the composers.